The Laughter Coaching & Therapy workshop is based on a technique created and taught in Spain which objective is to give people the opportunity to laugh, fill themselves with positive energy, joy and willpower, and make our laugh an effective personal growth tool to help cure all kind of problems that appear in our life.

A workshop takes us to a marvelous trip within the world of genuine good mood, natural laugh and true happiness. More than a therapy, you will be coached and taught to "laugh" on your own, independently of someone making you laugh. Laughing without reason is the real key to freedom and happiness.

This technique is unique and different from any other done in the United States or in Great Britain, above all, different from the most famous one called Laughter Yoga created by Dr Kataria. The Laughter coaching & therapy workshop aims to raise the genuine and spontaneous laugh through role playing that stimulate our creativity, slow down our rational thinking activity and throw us deep in the world of emotions.

Because we are living in a serious and formal world, we sometimes forget a part of ourselves: The Laugh as the expression of our joy in life! Through games, warm-up exercises and laughing rehearsals, we will try to recuperate our child type of laugh: pure, spontaneous and genuine. There won’t be any “Laughing at” but only “Laughing with” which are the kind of laughs that are able to keep away stress and tensions that may generate discomfort and that surely help us to live a more relax, light and cheerful life.

Laughter coaching & therapy workshop creates a sacred space where we can make contact with our true self again while spending a very entertaining time.

Besides the now scientifically proved positive property that a genuine laugh can bring to the individual as an effective help in the cure to all types of psychological, emotional or even physical illness, I am convinced that the true Laugh (once brought to awareness and rehearsed) is the key to open our heart and a hope to better live in harmony with ourselves and others!

Using the energy of Pure Love by leading people to make contact with their true essence, Laughter coaching & therapy will surely be part of tomorrow’s soul medicine as an art and a science of human life.

Laughter coaching & therapy workshops can be arranged in Great Britain by contacting Franck at or by phone at: 07 85 411 79 29 and in the United States by contacting Stephan:

Laughter Coaching Workshop in Companies

In a competitive market, a good salary and nice professional perspective are not enough to satisfy the staff need. It is also important to offer an attractive and pleasant work environment.

A company that offers a nice work and interprofessional atmosphere gets a favorable internal and external image as well as a better staff, clients and suppliers’ satisfaction rate. All of this contribute to improve its financial and social objective and to increase its competitiveness.

A laughter therapy & coaching workshop is a technique that gradually invites all participants to lose one’s inhibitions and to genuinely express themselves in a playful way through creative games. This technique invented in Spain has already convinced most companies who think that serious business can be done in an environment that leaves more space to creativity and fun and where the employee is able to express himself more spontaneously and find ways to enjoy what he does.

10 reasons to do a Laughter Therapy & Coaching workshop in your firm or with/for your clients or suppliers:

  • Optimize the cohesion of a team and stimulate trust between them
  • Improve the work environment and enhance the productivity, the motivation and emotional intelligence
  • Stimulate the innovation skills and creativity.
  • Help to a peaceful resolution of conflicts
  • Encourage the internal union and trust between different company’s departments
  • Develop leadership skills from the empathy and great will to succeed
  • Establish more human relationship
  • Strengthen the health and the employee’s capacity to reduce its stress, preoccupations, accidents and workplace absenteeism
  • Convert the work period in a fun and satisfying time, creating a friendlier atmosphere
  • Spend a nice and pleasant moment that encourages self esteem and self confidence when measuring up to professional challenges.

The facilitators Mei Samarra & Stéphane Wickaert, have a great experience in group workshops and have already extend their talent in various countries such as Brazil, France, Great Britain and the United States. Other than the Laughter therapy technique, the workshops that they organize use the following disciplines: Music & Dance therapy, corporal expression, creative vision and shamanism.


Stéphane Wickaert: +34 977-209-935 / +34 649-050-981